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We're buying

We're always looking to buy your coins, bullion and jewelry here at Derzon Coins- and prices are up! For more information, we have posted our "wish list" and current prices below. 

Buying and Selling

We'd love to have you stop in our store. Before you do, take a look below to see what we purchase. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. 

Appraisals and Appointments

If you are looking for a written appraisal or have more than a shoebox-sized container filled with treasures, we would appreciate your call ahead of time to set up an appointment. 

Typically, we schedule appointments for 9AM before we open. That way, we can dedicate our full staff and attention to your collection. 

While some items may need to be seen in person, here is a basic price guide for some of our most common purchases as well as a helpful guide for finding key dates. 

Scroll down to view our guides online or click below to print out your own copy.

*Please note the last updated date- prices are subject to change based on the price of gold and silver.*

Printable Price Guides

Updated 5/15/2024

What We Buy
What We Pay

Updated 5/15/2024 - Prices Moving Rapidly; Subject to Change

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