One of the most unique pieces in the Derzon store is our hair and portrait pin, a reversible antique pin with a gentleman’s portrait and woven locks of his hair. Hair jewelry was a trend in Victorian times, as hair provided a medium to immortalize the memory of a loved one. Hair jewelry and “memento mori” jewelry could be made from the hair of family members both alive or passed. 


This particular piece features a portrait of a man, whose photo has been marred in the last 130-150 years or so. The centerpiece spins to show locks of his chocolate brown hair, carefully and lovingly woven into a tight pattern. 


While seemingly odd or macabre to us today, pins like these signify the love this person had while alive. A testament to strong family bonds and everlasting love, pins like this might not be for everyone; however, a number of collectors can appreciate these relics of a time gone by. 

Memento Mori Hair and Photo Reversible Pin